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We south Indian granite manufacturing company, manufacturing more than 60 different types of granites slabs

We South Indian based company, existing in this field for the past 20 years. Now we step into export. Already we exporting to France and several countries


we manufacture more than 60 different types and colours of granite slabs.

ours other products:

1) Ntural color River pebbles of different sizes and colours with different grains and lines.
2) Natural color granite, marble, agate & stone made chips, sands and pebbles of different colors and sizes.
3) Artificially & fluorescent coloured sands, chips & stones of different colors and sizes both acid and water proof.
4) Transparent crystal sands, chips and pebbles
5) Natural color tropical marine coral sands
6) Painted hermit crab shells
7) Natural color hermit crab shells
8) Serpantica natural hill like natural stones.

Our products are used in fish tank, wall, interior garden, lawn, outer garden, fountain & landscaping decorations
All our products available in bulk quantity.
For Photo clipping album pls mail or sms or call to 0091 9842387890
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mobile no. 0091 9842387890